Repainting your walls is the best and budget friendly way to increase your home value.
So, when is the best time to refresh your walls? Most recent research show that ideal time is between 5-10 years. This timeline can be variable as different factors may be involved.
For example: hallways are high traffic areas so you will see there more damages and greasy spots compare to other rooms. Bathrooms and kitchen are coming in line after hallways. Bathrooms will need new painting due high humidity, especially if you don’t turn on venting fans during showering. Kitchen ceilings and walls often turn yellow due cooking and not using properly hood fan.
New trends
Over the years trends changed but our style too.
You may get a new furniture and you can see that your walls need to be repainted in different color so all your interior space looks upgraded. A new paint job is a solution to all of these changes, and depending on your lifestyle, every 3 – 5 years is another good estimate for when these could happen.
With DreamArt Painting and our professional help you’ll have a beautiful interior in no time! We will take care of the simple feature wall up to major renovation. We love to see happy costumer and we are also offering free color consultations.
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