Water stains on ceilings happen all the time no matter if is a new or older home. It may be multiple
reasons but the most common is a roof issue or a water pipe leak.
How to cover water stains on ceilings?

The first step would be to use bleach on the stain. Mix the solution of the bleach and warm water and
wipe it down with a wet cloth. Once the area is fully dry you can proceed with the painting.
When you have a stain on the ceiling or on the walls you will definitely need to apply a first stain-
blocking primer.  After the primer is dry you can apply ceiling paint to cover the stain. However, in most
cases, you will need to paint a wider area or all areas otherwise, you will get an uneven look.  It is the
best choice to paint the whole room ceiling to achieve consistent color.
Painting over water stains may involve many steps to achieve the desired results.
If you want to save time and make sure is completed, properly call DreamArt Painting Ltd.  We can
make your ceilings new at affordable rates.
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