What do you need to know when hiring a painting contractor orpainting company?

Most of the important thing that the painting contractor need to represent to you is WCB,

Reviews, and Liabilities. DreamArt Painting company located in Edmonton is covering all those criteria.

What kind of paint do you use and why?

We use Sherwin William Product Emerald Urethane for trims, doors, baseboards, and cabinets. 

Why Emerald Urethane?

   Give cabinets, doors, and trim a smooth, luxurious finish  

- Perfect for areas that are cleaned frequently.

- Interior/exterior water-based urethane modified alkyd with the look and feel of an

alkyd/oil finish.

- Available in a range of Sherwin-Williams colors and custom tints in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens. Resists yellowing compared to traditional oil-based paints and has excellent blocking resistance, allowing surfaces to maintain a tough, durable finish.

For the interior walls depend on the project but we love to work with a Dulux Diamond Interior

Matte finish. It is durable, highly washable, and hide imperfection especially if the walls are painted multiple times.

For the exterior painting, we love to work with Dulux Diamond Exterior. This paint provides advanced UV protection and dirt resistance to keep exterior colors looking like new for years to come. Formulated with an effective fungicide to resist deterioration by mold, fungus/mildew.

Excellent flow and leveling, resists cracking and peeling.

How many years of the warranty do you offer?

For the cabinets, we are offering 3 years workmanship warranty and for the exterior, we are offering 1 year. For the interior painting, we are offering 3 years limited warranty.

How many days you will need to complete my project?

Every project is unique so on the day of the estimate we can provide you with the correct information and timelines. The standard size of kitchen cabinets we can refinish in only 2 days.

Exterior and interior painting projects can go from 1 day up to 2 weeks depending on the size of the project and our painter’s crew size.

Do you protect furniture and floors?

All furniture and floors will be protected during the painting process. We also clean all areas after completion.

What color do you recommend?

We do free color consultations with our customers. Based on your personal preference we work with you to archive the best results. Some customers do not know which direction to go so we can take over and gave you our professional recommendation. We always also recommend customers to go to Home Depot and buy a $7 small can color sample and test it on the small area so they have a better idea and then they can visualize it. We go project by project.

What is your kitchen cabinet’s painting process?

Please visit our website and we explain everything in detail about all processes. Or you can give

us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you with all your questions.

How detailed are your estimates?

Our estimates are so detailed as we explain all processes, and we put all inclusions and exclusions so you will be able to make sure everything is listed correctly. All our certificates and liabilities are sent with the estimate too.

What are the preparations requirements you request from the customers?

For the interior projects, we asked our customers to move all furniture 4 feet away from the walls. For the exterior, all items too close to the siding or stucco the be moved away. For the kitchen cabinets, we require from the customers to empty only all drawers and we will take care of the rest.

Do you have any references so we can call them?

Indeed, we do. But we always recommend our customers to check our website and social media

(Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) as we posted all our projects there.

Can you repair the drywall?

Yes, we do drywall and texture repairs (splatter, popcorn, and knockdown).

Do you use oil-based products?

No, we do not work with oil-based products. Oil based paint has a long drying time and high VOC for an extended period of time.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cheques, e-transfers, and cash.

Do we need to be home during the painting?

No, you don’t need to be home but we would like to meet with you on the first day, just to arrange keys or access. We will give you notice of the completion ahead of time so we can meet and walk through I together.

Do you provide online estimates?

We can provide online or over-the-phone estimates for the small or kitchen cabinets project. We will require pictures of the area. We prefer meeting in person but we understand the busy lifestyle.

How soon do I need to give you our painting choices?

Soon as possible will be great, but the latest 2-3 days prior to the start of the project.

Do you provide touch up paint?

We always make sure we have some paint left over to leave costumers if they decide to do touch-ups later on by themselves.

How long will take the paint to dry?

It is all depending on the product, humidity and temperature. But it is good to say is 2-3 hours.

What areas of Edmonton and surroundings are you servicing?

DreamArt painting is providing painting services to the following areas; Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert Ft. Saskatchewan, Leduc, Devon, Gibbons, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Wetaskiwin, Morinville, Nisku, Sturgeon County, Parkland County

What services is DreamArt Painting offering?

DreamArt painting is providing the following services; Interior Painting, Exterior painting, Residential painting, and Commercial painting services.

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