Your painted cabinets should be cleaned regularly. But can you clean the cabinets without damaging the paint?
No matter the finish of your cabinet paint we should not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning tools. Using strong cleaners or rough tools can damage the paint.

Cleaning Painted Cabinets
The easiest method is to simply wipe your painted cabinets down with a damp,
soft cloth.
If you still are noticing grease, mix a bit of detergent with warm water. Rub the
damp cloth on your painted cabinets and repeating until the grease is gone.  With
the second microfiber cloth dry the painted cabinets.

If you still have grease spots left over after recommended cleaning process, use
the vinegar mixed with warm water.
If you regularly (as soon as you noticed) wipe down grease spots you will be
avoiding dealing with build up stains later.
Your painted cabinets will looking clean, beautiful, and updated far longer.
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existing cabinets, painting your interior walls, or transforming all rooms.
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