Exterior Painting season is coming – Call Best Painters in Edmonton DreamArt Painting

Are you considering repainting your home by professional painters in Edmonton?

DreamArt Painting is a painting company in Edmonton and we are specialized in residential house painting and commercial exterior painting.

What is a good sign that is time to repaint the exterior of your home?

One of the most important signs is wear and tear on exterior siding or stucco such as peeling, flaking, or color fading. If you leave it for a prolonged period of time you will have more damage and painting costs will increase due higher amount of repairs. Also, if you are looking to sell your home, curb appeal is a really important factor to attract potential buyers.

If you do not maintain your home exterior and seek help from a professional painter in Edmonton you can face more severe damages such as mold or moisture issues due to gaps or shrinkage around your exterior doors or windows. If you noticed those you should contact immediately professionals to take care of gaps or shrinkage.

If you noticed that caulking around windows, doors, or walls began to crack or fall away, this is a good sign to paint your exterior.

Our recommendation is that exterior of your house should be painted every 10 years. Maintenance of your home is a must to make sure you can catch wear and tear right when it starts. Look out for peeling, moisture damage, and cracking. Just by regular yearly maintenance, you can add years of the life to your home exterior painting.

Painting contractor in Edmonton

If you are looking for a free estimate or color consultation for your exterior project contact Edmonton Painters, DreamArt Painting can help you with your next project. We use only high-quality paint and with this, we can update and refresh your home’s curb appeal. We take every single painting project seriously so do not wait long and call us to take care of your exterior project in Edmonton.


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